Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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In case of emergency, telephone :

02476 384064

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All consultations are by appointment only, within the consulting hours shown. We have a number of vets consulting at any one time. We will try and book your appointment with the vet you request where possible. Please let reception know if you would prefer a particular vet or eg if your pet is better with a male or female vet, when booking the appointment.

We try and keep to our appointment times wherever possible, but emergencies do happen and where required they may have to take priority. We will try and keep you advised of any delays.


We feel that communication with you as pet owners is important. The course of treatment chosen for your pet should be a result of a discussion of options between vet and owner. Ultimately the best interests of your animal are what is important.

We carry out all non-emergency operations and admit patients for investigations each day of the week, but not at weekends. We can book your pet in for a day that is convenient with yourself.

We admit patients between 8:00 and 8:45am.

We do most of our operating in the morning so that your pets can be back home with you for the evening, although in some cases an overnight stay at the practice might be necessary.


If your pet is coming in for an operation, they will need to be starved overnight and not fed from 7pm the preceeding evening. They can be left with water until you come to the surgery on the morning of their op/investigation.

Note that starving does not apply to rabbits or some small pets, eg ferrets, who should not be starved.


Out of Hours

The practice provides a dedicated small animal only out of hours service 365 days a year.

After many years of providing this service both ourselves and with other local practices, we now use a dedicated Out-Of-Hours emergency service provider - the VetsNow emergency service clinic in Coventry.


In case of emergency telephone the main surgery number :  02476 384064


This will give the contact details for the emergency clinic.

Like human medicine, the use of a dedicated emergency clinic provider can allow for a more comprehensive out-of-hours service. If you have to see the emergency service, details of your pets visit and medication etc will be forwarded to us, usually for a follow up visit in the following day or so and will have the details of your treatment available for that visit.

Hospitalised Patients

During the daytime your pet will be looked after by our team of vets, nurses and nursing assistants.

If your pet has to stay at our clinic overnight or over a weekend they will be regularly monitored and cared for during the time the surgery is closed by the duty vet and nurse from the practice.

Home Visits

We understand that there will be occasions when a home visit is requested. We will always try to do a home visit if requested and certainly if we feel it is necessary. However, due to the limited nature of facilities available away from the surgery, on some occasions diagnosis and treatment of your pet can be more effectively performed if they are brought in to the clinic. We also have to be mindful of our commitments and care to other patients.


We have many experienced vets and nurses at the surgery and this in conjunction with our on-site facilities means that we are able to deal with the vast majority of cases that we see here at PAWS.

However, like in human medicine, some cases are more difficult. In these instances referral to a specialist vet may be considered and we can advise you when the need might arise and who we would recommend your pet to see.  We can make all the arrangements.

All the staff will endeavor to provide a high level of veterinary care for your pet.

We are all passionate about what we do at the surgery and about keeping your pet healthy or making them better as soon as possible if they are unwell, and we will try to help your pet to the best of our abilities.

Pet Insurance

We stongly advise all clients to consider pet insurance to cover the cost of unexpected vet bills.

New pups and kittens can obtain a 4 week free insurance plan when first seen.