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Our small animal vet Alex has undergone further training in using acupuncture treatment as a veterinary therapy.

Applicable to a number of possible scenarios, acupuncture is a treatment involving the placement of tiny needles into specific points on the body. It has been used for a long time in human medicine and can also be used in animals, primarily for pain control. Geriatric patients can benefit from accupuncture for treatment of arthritis without any of the side effect concerns of other medication. It can also be used in conjunction with traditional medication.

We offer this as an alternative, or complementary, treatment modality.

Ask reception or speak to Alex for details.

Pet Passports

For those pets accompanying their owners on holiday abroad, or for more permanent trips, our vets can advise you on getting, and issuing your pet with a Pet Passport. Now not as complicated as when it was first introduced, a Pet Passport will allow your pet to travel and return home without having to serve a stay in quarantine.

More information about Pet Passports can be found in our Downloads section of the website.

Kitten Health Plan

To help spread the costs of having a new kitten we recently introduced our Kitten Health Plan.

This is designed to help spread the costs of primary vaccination courses, neutering and identichipping over equal payments and provides these services at a discounted rate.

Free Puppy, Kitten and Rabbit Packs

To help avoid the information overload that goes along with your new pet we will supply you with a free health pack to take away containing lots of information on all the things you need to consider in caring for your new pet.

In addition to the advice from our vets and nurses this help ensure you get them off to the best possible start.

Free new pet healthcheck

All new pups, kittens and rabbits, if seen before their vaccinations get a free healthcheck by one of our vets. We can make sure your new pet is in good health and advise on the best way to keep them that way.

(Please note - 'healthchecks' are only for apparently 'well' individuals. If your pup or kitten has a problem, this will need a consultation with a vet, and a consultation fee will apply)

There are a number of services available to clients that we can provide in addition to the routine consultation and surgery services. Some examples of these are given below :

Free Flea and Worm Treatment

Again, to get things off on the right footing we offer free first flea and worm treatments to all our pups and kittens starting their primary vaccination course.

Fleas and worms are very common and they are often picked up from mum (who may not show any signs of having them) but they can cause serious disease problems for young animals, so treatment for these is important from a young age.

Our staff will advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

Free 4 week pet insurance

Like human medicine, the treatments we can provide your pet have come a long way, and continue to progress rapidly. We all hope that our pets don't need ever to use these advances but the unexpected can happen.

In order to have one less thing to worry about if the unexpected does happen, we advise all owners to consider pet insurance. It can allow us to provide the best possible care for your pet without having to compromise because of financial constraints.

We can arrange a free 4 week cover for all our new pets.

Of course we don't only care for young pets. As they get older we provide other services and advice, including, for example :

Hip and Elbow Scoring

For those dogs looking to continue the best traits of their breed, we can arrange for hip and elbow radiographs to be taken for submission to the relevant BVA scoring scheme.

And for other pets....