PAWS Client Information

Client Information


From Monday 19th July 2021 we shall be unlocking the practice doors.

We request that all owners showing signs consistent with coronavirus or are self isolating to stay at home and not attend the surgery.  We hope our clients will understand that our staff will be enquiring as to all clients' COVID-19 status. This is not meant to cause any offence.  If you are affected in the above way and require veterinary attention for your pet, please ring the practice for further guidance.

We are performing routine procedures and appointments however there is a backlog, so please bear with us when booking in.

We will still request that all members of the public entering our buildings wear a face mask as a matter of courtesy to our staff and others.

We will now be allowing one client into our consulting rooms and exceptions to this will be at the Vet's discretion.  However, in line with the government's "expectation and recommendation" that masks are worn in crowded areas, we will be insisting on face masks within consulting rooms.  

We can still perform some telephone consults including post op checks (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons guidance pending) and see animals outside as necessary.

Seating will be reduced in reception.

To limit traffic/excessive time spent at reception we may request payment upfront for routine appointments/ Repeat medication and food. 

We would like to thank those who have been understanding and supportive during recent times. We appreciate everyone's ongoing cooperation in this matter and will continue to update our procedures as we receive further instruction and guidance

As ever, if you have any concerns, please give us a call.


In case of emergency - Telephone 02476 384064

In all cases of emergency, contact the surgery on the above number. During the day we will see emergency cases as soon as possible. Please be aware that in this situation, there may be a delay with routine appointment times. We will keep you updated of such delays.

In cases where the surgery is closed, you will be given the number of the emergency out-of-hours clinic.

Information about the emergency clinic is given below.

Vets Now is a privately owned company specialising in the provision of dedicated Out of Hours veterinary care to clients of member practices.

Clinics are staffed by fully qualified teams who are based on site for their entire shift- working out of hours ensures your normal Vet gets rest and the out of hours team rest once your vet is back in work!

All staff receive regular training updates with the emphasis of emergency and critical care.

Open whenever we are closed, you’ll have access to Veterinary Services, day, night, weekends and all bank holidays.

Out of hours please call our practice number to obtain the number of the local Vets Now clinic.  Map and contact numbers can also be found on (please note calls are logged and recorded for reference purposes)

Fees will vary according to the time of day and what treatment costs are additional and will be discussed with you prior to commencement.

Telephone advice is free.

Vets Now fees should be covered in the same way by your insurance as any other veterinary fees- check with your provider if in doubt.

Emergencies are nearly always better to presented at the clinic where the staff have access to all the equipment they need- we will advise you on transporting your pet if required.  By planning ahead Vets Now can plan for your arrival.

In order to make a house visit out of hours the duty vet will need to consider the cases already at the clinic and to arrange staff cover.  For this reason Vets Now will only make a house visit where there is a clear medical need- in this instance the clinic staff will do everything they can to attend your home.  The costs involved in home visits reflect the travelling, staff cover and time involved.

Out of Hours

In case of emergency - Telephone 02476 384064

In all cases of emergency, contact the surgery on the above number. During the day we will see emergency cases as soon as possible. Please be aware that in this situation, there may be a delay with routine appointment times. We will keep you updated of such delays.

In cases where the surgery is closed, you will be given the number of the emergency out-of-hours clinic.

Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to provide you with a modern, caring, friendly service. In order for us to be able to concentrate our efforts on veterinary care and to reduce our administrative burden we operate a payment at the time of consultation system.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or BACS


All fees, diets and drug charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case and according to the drugs, materials, consumables and diets used. You will receive a detailed invoice for every consultation, surgical procedure or transaction with us. More common fees (consultations, vaccinations and routine neutering) are available at reception.


We will happily provide a written estimate as to the probable costs of a course of treatment. Please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate – often a pet’s illness will not follow a conventional course and treatment plans will vary dependant upon earlier test or treatment results.

Inability to pay

If, for any reason, you are unable to settle your account as specified, we ask you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with our administration manager Mrs Debbie Holmes. Please note that instalments or part-payment of any account may ONLY be sanctioned with the express permission of our practice manager or one of the Directors.

Should an account not be settled by the end of the month during which treatment was performed, a reminder will be sent with an additional accounting fee in respect of administrative costs incurred. Should it be necessary for further reminders to be sent, further charges will be incurred.
After due notice to you the client, overdue accounts will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency and further charges (£ 40 minimum) will be levied in respect of costs incurred in collecting the debt: such as production of reports, correspondence, court fees, attendance at court, phone calls, home visits, etc. Any cheque returned by our Bank as unpaid, any Credit Card payment not honoured and any Cash tendered that is found to be counterfeit will result in the original account being restored to the original sum with further charges added in respect of bank charges and Administrative costs.

Once referred to our debt collection agency, we may withdraw our provision of Veterinary Services.


Midshire Vet Group strongly advises pet insurance to cover unexpected illness or injury. We ask that you settle your invoice with the clinic and then reclaim the costs from your insurer. In exceptional circumstances we may allow payment to be delayed pending payment directly from your insurer. Please note however that where there is a delay in payment caused by your insurer this may incur administration fees and we reserve the right to request payment from yourself in this instance.

An small insurance processing fee is applicable per claim. 

Medication Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions

Only veterinary surgeons may prescribe and authorise medication. The vast majority of routinely used medications are available to be dispensed from the practice. Written prescriptions can be provided on request. There is a fee for this service.

For those patients on long term medications, repeat prescriptions/dispensing may be authorised by the case veterinary surgeon. The period of time that prescriptions can be dispensed for will vary on a case by case basis and will be as advised by the vet. This may vary from a few weeks to several months dependant upon the condition being treated and the condition of the patient.

The maximum period we are able to dispense medication to any patient without a check-up is currently 6 months.

Hospitalised Patients

Where patients require hospitalisation, this will be undertaken at our PAWS surgery or our emergency service provider, Vets Now in Coventry.  

Patient Records

Whilst all medical records relating to your pet are the property of Midshire Veterinary Group we are happy for you to view these at any time by request

Lost + Found Animals

Whilst healthy animals cannot be admitted to the practice all injured animals should in the first instance be reported to the RSPCA who will authorise any veterinary treatment and issue a log number.
Injured wild animals will be checked at the practice free of charge and released where possible.
Stray dogs are dealt with by the Local Authority Dog Warden and via the Local Authority Kennels.

All strays presented to us will be checked for a microchip to enable reunion with an owner as soon as possible.

If you have lost a pet we will be happy to record the details in case your pet is brought to us.

Students and EMS

Like many veterinary practices, we are not only involved in training the next generation of veterinary nurses, but also vets as well.

Veterinary students are required as part of their university training to spend a significant portion of their time between terms undergoing further "practical" training with veterinary practices - Extra Mural Study (formerly "seeing practice", for those of us of more senior years!).

As a large mixed practice, it is not unusual for us to have multiple students with us for a large percentage of the year.

Veterinary students wishing to 'see practice' with us can now book with us via the VetEMS website, run by XLVets. Please click on the logo to request a booking (website will open in a new window).

We also receive a large number of requests from school and college 'pre-veterinary' students wishing to find a placement for their work experience. These requests should be made via email to

Please note, however, that we receive many more requests for such placements than we have availability. We give preference to university undergraduate students, and all our availability is booked many months (sometimes a year or so!) in advance.

We encourage younger students considering becoming a vet to gain experience with animals via such means as work on farms, at stables, kennels or other similar placements. Such experience will be invaluable when applying for a veterinary degree course.

You can find more information on veterinary careers at the RCVS website here or by clicking on the logo.

Complaints Procedure

Midshire Veterinary Group is committed to high quality veterinary service and client care. If you are unhappy about any of the service you have received please contact our Directors either in writing or via the surgery email where they will endeavour to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

We hope these questions help you understand our Terms of Business please feel free to contact the practice with any further questions you may have.

No addition or variation of these conditions will bind the practice unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by one of the practice Directors. No agent or person employed by, or under contract with, the practice, has the authority to alter or vary these conditions in any way.

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